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Susy 2.x supports two syntax options, side by side. If you want to use the latest release but keep the old syntax, change your import from susy to susyone.

// With Susy 2.x installed...
@import "susyone";

If you ever want to upgrade to the new syntax, change the import back to susy, and follow these instructions:


In SusyOne, settings were handled as variables.

// the basics
$columns: 12;
$column-width: 4em;
$gutter-width: 1em;
$grid-padding: 1em;

// advanced
$container-width: false;
$container-style: magic;
$from-direction: left;
$omega-float: right;

// media-query fallbacks
$breakpoint-media-output: true;
$breakpoint-ie-output: true;
$breakpoint-raw-output: false;

Removed Settings

All the media-query fallback settings have been dropped. Susy 2 no longer manages media-queries, but we play well with other media-query libraries, and include special Breakpoint integration. See their documentation for handling legacy browsers.

We’ve also dropped $grid-padding as a setting. If you want to add padding to your container, you can easily do it by hand.


The remaining settings can be easily mapped into the new syntax.

$susy: (
  // the basics
  columns: $total-columns,
  gutters: $gutter-width / $column-width,
  column-width: $column-width,

  // advanced
  container: $container-width,
  math: if($container-style == magic, fluid, $container-style),
  flow: if($from-direction == right, rtl, ltr),
  last-flow: if($omega-float == $from-direction, from, to),

There are a few differences to note in the translation.

  • You can set either column-width or container (or neither), but never both. One can be calculated from the other, but if you set both we don’t know which one should have priority.
  • If you are using static math we highly recommend that you use column-width rather than container.
  • The old magic style can be achieved through a combination of fluid math and a width setting (either column-width or container).

See Settings for more details.


Columns / Space

The columns and space functions from SusyOne have now been merged into the new span function.

// columns/space: <span> [, <context>, <math>]
$columns: columns(3, 6, static);
$space: space(2, 7, fluid);

// span
$span-columns: span(3 of 6 static);
$span-space: span(2 of 7 fluid wide);

The difference between columns and space in the old syntax is now covered by the narrow and wide spread keywords (with narrow being the default in most cases).


The gutter function remains, but the syntax has changed.

// gutter([<context>, <math>])
$old: gutter(6, static);
$new: gutter(6 static);

Basic Mixins


The container mixin remains, but media-query support has been removed. For now, at least, you’ll have to establish one container at a time inside media-query declarations.

In most (fluid/magic) cases, we set up the container for our largest layout, and let it flex fluidly from there. If you need to change explicit sizes at explicit breakpoints, we recommend using the container function to override only the width at different breakpoints.

// old
body {
  @include container(4, 50em 8, 80em 12);

// new (simple)
body { @include container(12); }

// new (with breakpoint plugin)
body {
  @include container(4);
  @include breakpoint(50em) { max-width: container(8); }
  @include breakpoint(80em) { max-width: container(12); }

Span Columns

The span-columns mixin has been renamed span, and has much more power and flexibility. The old $padding argument has been removed, but everything else tranlates cleanly. Note that $from took right or left as options, where the new flow setting takes rtl or ltr.

// span-columns(<$columns> [<omega> , <$context>, <$padding>, <$from>, <$style>])
.old { @include span-columns(3 omega, 12, $padding, left, static); }
.new { @include span(last 3 of 12 ltr static); }


The omega mixin still esists, and should work without any changes. For readability, omega can be replaced with last, but that’s up to you.

nth-omega has been deprecated, in favor of omega with nth-child selectors.

.old { @include nth-omega(last); }
.new:last-child { @include omega; }

Responsive Design


Media-query support has been removed from the Susy core, because there are so many more powerful and flexible query-handling plugins. We recommend using Breakpoint, and we’ve written a translation of at-breakpoint (now called susy-breakpoint) that integrates smoothly with their controls.

.old {
  @include at-breakpoint(30em 8 60em) {
    // your 8-column media-query content...

.new {
  @include susy-breakpoint(30em 60em, 8) {
    // your 8-column media-query content...

This looks like a minor change, but it exposes a lot more power in both the media-queries and the changes to layout. See the Breakpoint docs for more detail on the former, and use our shorthand to control the latter in detail.

Layout & With-Grid-Settings

the layout and with-grid-settings mixins have merged to become with-layout. They continue to work much like before, with extra power exposed through the shorthand syntax.

// old
@include layout(12) { /* your 12-column layout */ }
@include with-grid-settings(8, 4em, 1em) { /* your custom layout */ }

// new
@include with-layout(12) { /* your 12-column layout... */ }
@include with-layout(8 (4em 1em)) { /* your custom layout */ }

There is still a mixin named layout, but it changes the global layout settings rather than wrapping a layout block.

// global layout
@include layout(12);

/* your 12-column layout... */

Set Container Width

The set-container-width mixin can be replaced by applying the container function to the width or max-width of your containing element.

// old
.fluid { @include set-container-width(8, fluid); }
.static { @include set-container-width(12, static); }

// new
.fluid { max-width: container(8); }
.static { width: container(12); }

Grid Helpers

Border-Box Sizing

The setting has changed from the boolean $border-box-sizing to the new global-box-sizing, but the border-box-sizing mixin works exactly like before.


Isolation no longer requires it’s own mixin, as it can be controlled now through the span mixin for most cases. In those cases where you do still need a distinct mixin, isolate remains much like before.

.old { @include isolate(2, 12, left, static); }
.new { @include isolate(2 of 12 ltr static); }

Isolate Grid

the isolate-grid mixin has been renamed gallery, but is very similar in use.

.gallery-old { @include isolate-grid(3, 12, child, left, fluid); }
.gallery-new { @include gallery(3 of 12 left fluid, child); }

Only the selector argument remains split off from the others.

Margins and Padding

All the margin and padding mixins — pre, post, push, pull, prefix, suffix, pad, squish — remain unchanged, except that we now use the shorthand syntax in place of all the arguments.

See the new margins / padding documentation for details.


Besides upgrading to the new shorthand, the bleed mixin now also supports TRBL syntax for applying to different sides, along with bleed-x and bleed-y shortcuts for horizontal and vertical bleed.

.old { @include bleed(2, left right); }
.new { @include bleed-x(2); }

Susy Grid Background

This has been renamed show-grid, and otherwise remains intact.

Reset-Columns / Remove-Omega

Susy One included reset-columns and remove-omega, but both have been deprecated. Rather than removing styles, override them with the desired behavior. The full and span mixins should give you everything you need for overriding spans and omegas, respectively.

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