Susy 2.2.12

In a world of agile development and super-tablet-multi-magic-laptop-phones, the best layouts can’t be contained in a single framework or technique. CSS Libraries are a bloated mess of opinions about how to do your job. Why let the table-saw tell you where to put the kitchen?

Your markup, your design, your opinions | our math.


These docs are focused on Susy 2.2.12. See the Susy One documentation for help with earlier versions of Susy.


These are the features we’re working on next:

  • Add IE support to new syntax.
  • Move SusyOne syntax onto new math/output modules.
  • Add padding/margin options to the span mixin, for simpler output.

We’re always happy to hear your ideas as well. Leave us a note on GitHub Issues, or fork our code, and submit a pull request!


This isn’t neverland, and Susy isn’t magic. We’re still talking about web design in a world where browsers disagree on implementation, standards are not always the standard, and your Sass code compiles into Boring Old CSS.

Don’t rely on Susy to solve all your problems — the table-saw can’t build your house for you. If you don’t understand what Susy is doing, take a look at the output CSS files, dig around, and find your own path. Nothing here is sacred, just a set of tools to help make your life easier.

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